Be sure that your operator has signed a roaming agreement with Telcel.

Confirm with your operator does not have restrictions of International Roaming.

Remember the customer service number of your operator.

TELCEL's network is:

  • GSM 1900
  • 3G 850
  • LTE 1700
  • LTE 2100 (BAND 4)
  • NB-IOT 5(800)

Voltage in Mexico is 110/127VCA with american electric socket.

To a landline or cell phone in Mexico

(+) 52 , area code and  number

To a landline or cell phone to another country:

(+) country code , area code and  number

If somebody wants to call you, they should  do it in the same way as you were in your country.

The best national coverage

la red cuatro ge ele te e de telcel

4G LTE Network & Coverage